Self help subliminal messages - 7 Common myths

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There is a lot of misinformation surrounding subliminal messages. They are simply audio files that have positive messages embedded in the sounds you can consciously hear. Here are the 7 most common myths explained in detail as they specifically apply to subliminal messages.

1. You can lose control using subliminal messages.

Some people may have fears that these messages can make you do things against your will. Unlike hypnosis you are in full control and always conscious through the whole experience when listening to using subliminal messages. The truth is that nothing will change in the way you think or behave if you don't have a strong desire for a change to occur in the first place.

2. Subliminal messages are dangerous.

The simple answer is no. Self help subliminal messages are not dangerous. It is well known that a subliminal advertising experiment was conducted in the 1950s at a New Jersey drive-in theater. They flashed the words DRINK COLA COLA and EAT POPCORN for 1/3000th of a second every 5 seconds throughout the movie "Picnic" during it's 6 week run at the theater. After the public criticism that followed, subliminal advertising of this sort was banned because it was commonly believed that this practice could manipulate people to do things against their will. Be that as it may, you can hardly consider it "dangerous" when subliminal messages are willingly applied for personal use with the intention of self-improvement. In short, there is no danger in using subliminal messages.

3. Self help subliminal messages are illegal.

No! subliminal messages used in self help products are not illegal. This is an exaggeration. Yes. Attempting to manipulate someone else without their knowledge with subliminal advertising is clearly illegal. But to willing seek out, buy and use self help subliminal message products for personal use is completely legal. You are in control of the entire process and naturally you have given consent (to yourself) to use them to improve your life.

4. You enter a trance when using subliminal audio.

You are fully conscious while listening to these subliminal audio. You do NOT fall into a trance state. You can listen to self help subliminal messages while going about your normal daily activities like studying, exercising or doing the housework.

5. Self help subliminal messages require no effort on your part.

For some people the thought of self improvement without any effort on their part may be what attracts them to the idea of using self help subliminal messages in the first place. Self help subliminal messages are meant only as a tool to help you achieve your desired goal. You cannot realistically expect to reach a physical destination by simply lying on a beach with a road map in your hand or by just having someone give you verbal directions. Subliminal messages work by making you more focused, motivated and committed to achieving your desires. If you do not put changes in place in your life to allow your goals to manifest of course nothing will ever happen. Think about it this way. An unemployed person can only get a job by making the effort to look for work and attend interviews. While subliminal messages will not get you the job, they will certainly give you the increased motivation to do what is necessary to find a job. Without action on your part subliminal messages can only have limited effect.

6. Self help subliminal messages can contain negative messages.

Self help subliminal message products contain only positive messages. There will always be some people who will remain sceptical and wonder if messages like "buy more subliminal messages" or "I cannot live without subliminal messages" are also embedded in the audio. The various self help companies who sell subliminal audio products would never want to involve themselves in such unethical practices. What would be the point? Even if such hidden unethical messages were implemented they are unlikely to have the desired effect anyway. Why would you want to buy more if you found your original purchase did not achieve its primary purpose? Only you can determine that. You still have control to determine if the album you purchased did or did not work for you.

7. Results will happen immediately with subliminal messages.

Instant results through the use of subliminal messages are not instantaneous. Spectacular or miraculous results are the stuff of Hollywood movies. If you listen to a recording of subliminal messages this evening, don't expect to wake up tomorrow morning speaking fluent Greek, or suddenly be capable of understanding advanced calculus. Unfortunately this isn't possible. Of course it really all depends on the kind of audio message you listen to. Some subliminal recordings which do have a more instant result are in the relaxation genre or even a positive attitude album.

These do focus on giving you an effect right away and can give your mind a boost that can be felt almost immediately. On the silly end of the scale of expectations, can you imagine losing 20 pounds after just one sitting of the "Subliminal Weight Loss" audio recording? This is clearly ridiculous. What such an album will do is help you get motivated to make you want to lose weight. The whole idea behind using subliminal messages is to help you to become motivated, and to take steps towards achieving your goal by giving you clarity of mind and an energized mental focus. On this basis alone it is worth giving subliminal messages a test drive by downloading the free samples.


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Self help subliminal messages - 7 Common myths

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Self help subliminal messages - 7 Common myths

This article was published on 2011/06/23